Thursday, November 1, 2012

Buddy Club DC5 touring car track support by Brewed Motors

Over the last 3 months a handful of Brewed employee's have been hard at work on an extra special project for an extra special customer racing a Honda DC5 in multiple Asian touring car series's. Late August Brewed was contacted by Buddy Club Thailand in Bangkok. Buddy Club's request was simple; it was time to get competitive in the Thailand Super 2000 touring car series.

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By the time the Buddy Club dc5 graced the presents of the first brewed employee its condition was a far cry from its glorious days of international racing with Buddy Club.
(The history of this car is a bit foggy at best but I would like to share everything we were told about the car and it's adventurous life of racing.)

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The dc5 arrived in Thailand 5+ years ago to be used at the circuit. When the car first arrived it was in tip top shape and putting down some great lap times. Unfortunately after a few events and a small front end collision things went downhill fast, it was obvious a professional team would be needed to maintain the car in order to be competitive, which is where Brewed comes in. Buddy Club has always been a great help with our shop projects in the past so we were delighted to return the favor helping out with the DC5!

3 weeks before the season’s first event I personally had the pleasure putting my hands on and inside the dc5. Upon first inspection it was clear we had a bit of work to do before the first race.

Here is the quick list of everything addressed before that first event.

Engine harness
Cooling system
Suspension (lots of love needed here)
Ecu tuning
Corner balance

Driver Mr. Som Chai
JDM DC5 type R integra
2.0L high compression NA K20
Buddy Club racing spec EVO dampers
Brewed Tuned DTA Fast S60 ECU
Brewed engine harness
Custom VE hybrid carbon intake with front ducting
Custom VE front Aero (diffuser, under body and canards)
Buddy club wide body kit
Buddy club wheels 17x9  (many models and offsets used)
X-trac 6sp sequential 416 gear box
Custom VE control arms
Custom VE rear DC5 camber arms

Of course here is some of the media from the first event ;)

The 3 day event consisted of; Friday qualifying (15min open track, fastest lap) Saturday 20 lap main event with grid start (first across the finish line) and Sunday's 20 lap main event with rolling start. (we got rained out on Sunday)

Qualifying went smooth, car ran great and the driver only had a few minor set up requests. It was great to look around the pit and see smiles painted on everyone's faces with the car ready for more action.
Lap times in the super 2000 class range from 1:06.xx to 1:15.xx on the dry so the 20 lap race goes about 25-30 min depending on caution laps. (haha funny to even mention the word caution)  The race for 1st and 2nd is really between 2 professional Thai drivers running in the 1:06.xx range there is usually a 1.5+ second gap to 3rd place which is where most the pack sits. I expect we will be able to push this car into the 1:07.xx range with the new suspension, aero and engine.

On Saturday we found ourselves on the starting grid in 15th position (I seem to recall 27 cars qualified). The car was ready, the driver was feeling good and the track was begging for some wheel to wheel racing. Cars lined up on the grid, umbrella girls providing ample shade from the Thai sun what more could you ask for? Officials clear the track, engines start, lights go red and the engines come to life with anticipation for the GREEN. Unfortunately we did not have the best start but we were able to hold a good position. Once on the track with tires warmed up the fun begins. These guys drive with a lot of passion and don’t seem to be worried about a little contact here and there. (Check out the you tube video to see what I’m talking about.) By the end of the race we had managed to climb our way up to 5th place resulting in a bit of podium time for the driver. Although 5th is far from 1st the driver/owner was simply delighted at how well the car was running as well as hungry for more!
Many more updates coming soon, plenty more racing this season!

BIG Thanks goes out to:
Buddy Club
Driver : Mr. Som Chai
Team dynamics
Kuroki Racing
And of course without the team of mechanics and translators non of this would be possible.

After a little fender bender...