Friday, April 20, 2012

BMW E30 SR20DET swap Brewed Thailand Circuit toy

Thailand is home to a very unique “tuner” scene, with an endless supply of JDM engines and parts available every swap you can imagine happens  in this great land. 2jz powered big body VIP Benz and Bimmers, 1uz American muscle cars, SR20det Miata’s to name just a few.

Models, cars Thailand Flush Style

A dream land with secret hidden circuits tucked away in the mountains that can be privately rented out for the for less than $100 usd per day. This is a great place to be if you have a car and want to get some cheap seat time.

I quickly realized that if I am going to be living here for more than 6 months dealing with parts, builds, engines and tuning projects for customers I’m going to have to build my own car, there is simply no way around it! I rather quickly found myself scouting for a clean BMW E30 chassis, something simple, light weight, RWD and a bit classy. With such a small car the SR20DET was the obvious engine choice, readily available and easily able to put out 400-500 whp which will be more than enough for this 2200 lb go cart.

The build is only now in its infancy, much more to come… 

Just cleaning up the interior and some chassis wiring.

Still running E30 flca for now, E46 control arms cleared customs 4/20/12 after a long Thai new year celebration. E36 non M steering rack E36 tie rods inner/outer. 
OEM Nissan GT-R IC 
Sparco Prodrive seat (old school used WRC seat from Japan)

Deep dish steering wheel and BC Sports Coilovers 

Parts from America are also on the way, hopefully they make it through customs MUCH faster than the control arms.
Speed density conversion
Anti lag hardware
Medium case e30 output shafts (currently have small diff)
Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors Injector Dynamics Sale
Bosch 044 fuel pump AEM intank e85 340lph pump
Copper core NGK BKR7e’s
AEM smart coil (anti lag)

ID 1000cc injectors and AEM smart coil modeling before they find their new home on the SR

This will be a  basic 400 torque 400 whp set up all said and done, in a 2200 lb car it’s gonna be a good time. I will be using E85 as it  is some what common over here.  LPG  aka natural gas however is VERY cheap with gas stations everywhere. We will soon be doing some testing on a new High pressure liquid natural gas injection system. Better fuel economy and power output.
Many more updates to come.

Recently cut out the front radiator support, fabrication for some tube chassis influenced mods just around the corner.

Front Tube Chassis

BMW Bucket seat mount

Prototype rear diffuser by Velocity Element

Early test fitment, still need to remove a good amount or rear bumper to get things working properly.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Formula D Long Beach 2012

The streets of Long Beach has been the first location for the season opener for Formula D since its inception, and the location couldn't be better to showcase the new cars and talent for 2012. The ocean air mixed with unmistakable smell of burnt rubber will never grow old and always gets the blood pumping. But enough chitchat, all we really care about is the awesomess that took place there. Enjoy!

A lil badass thats for sure!

Ross Petty's immaculately painted and very political S15. The details on this car were amazing, all of the rasta camo is actually painted on the car!

The 1200hp 2JZ swapped SC430 beast driven by Daigo Saito

Nothing too fancy, just everything needed to get the job done!

A pile of parts from D-Mac who unfortunately took himself out. The walls of Long Beach can be very destructive when a car gets sucked into one!

One clean original RHD bluebird 510

All car events wouldn't be complete without an overload of beautiful women

Another unfortunate victim of the walls:(

Just a well put together SR20 setup. Gotta give props to the guys sticking to the roots of where drifting came from. Small displacement motors with the help of a little boost!

A very clean Y34 Cima


Pure classic

The sticker says it all

This S13 was decked out with a ton of different sharpie drawings. The little drawing of the two lovers on the valve cover is similar to how we feel about that nice little snail sitting right next to it:)

I appreciate the attention to detail that goes into building these VIP cars. Nothing but clean lines and immaculate paint, of course dropped on the ground on bags!

George Marstanovic is going to be a force to be reckoned with this season. He qualified 15th in his first FD appearance. Unfortunately Formula D would not let him run with his wing, supposedly it was 1" to tall... He got taken out in the top 32 by Daigo Saito but put up one hell of a fight. Keep in mind that this guy is basically a privateer and built this car in his garage. 

The guy in the white is inches away from these cars as they slide by the clipping point and the wall. He doesn't flinch

All of the drivers put on one hell of a show and drove as hard as they could. There were some well fought battles but in the end Justin Pawlek and his Falken Tires Ford Mustang took the win. That's two years in a row he has won at the Streets of Long Beach. Here is what the podium looked like.

1st - Justin Pawlek
2nd - Dai Yoshihara
3rd - Daigo Saito

Monday, April 2, 2012

Thailand Flush Style, Wide, Low and pokin!

With ever expanding horizons we are constantly finding ourselves in different corners of the world, yet some how no matter where we end up there is always something familiar... Brewed Crew

Late this March we found ourselves knee deep in the first annual Flush Style show in Bangkok Thailand. With over 500 cars, huge center stage sporting live DJ's, bikes (both BMX and moto), models and 5000+ people the 1st Thai Flush Style show went off with a bang.

Getting to know the Flush Style crew has been a great pleasure. A down to earth group of guys and gals that all share the same passion for making their automotive art uniquely their own. Whether you race, drift, cruise or simply park hard as long as you share this common passion you're sure to make some close friends in this scene.

Check out the Thai Flush style forums (google translate works great to help navigate) Of course there is also a FB page for your liking pleasure.