Monday, September 12, 2011

Japanese Classic Car Show

Soo what better thing to do to unwind after a 14 hour journey from Eureka, CA to Los Angeles than attend the Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach. The amount of clean classics at the show was like nothing I had seen before. It made me wish that I had the Datsun 510, maybe next year though! Anyway here are some of the more memorable rides from the show. Enjoy!

Toyota AE86 Corolla race car with a very nice turbo setup.

How cool would this slammed Toyota Hilux be as a shop truck!

One of my favorites from the show. Nissan Skyline with an extremely clean RB with ITBs.
Another RB Skyline, this time with 4 doors, with a very interesting intercooler setup.
There were no less than 3 cars with the infamously impossible to get S20 motor.
Another beautiful AE86, this time Honda powered with an F20
Old meets new Toyota super cars, the classic 2000GT

  and the Lexus LFA

Some bosozuku styled Toyotas. These were truly a sight to be seen. The one on the right had a sunroof that was taped on, and the seats barely retained any of the original material besides the padding.

A few of the 510s

And of course the Zs

To top it all off Mazda came out with a few of there race cars from back in the day. The 787B was the only Mazda to win the 24 hours of Le Mans, and the only rotory powered car to do so. After its win, because it was so dominant, rotory motors were banned from the race.
Those were my highlights of the show, but only a portion of the cars that were in attendance and very few of the pictures that were taken. For the rest of the album click the link below.

2000 miles in a drift car! KA24E-T, AEM EMS, Enkei RPF01

Well the summer in Montana has come and is quickly on its way out. Although we will be back to enjoy the winter it was time to get the Nissan 240sx KA24-T drift car down to a suitable environment in order to keep doing what it was built to do. The trip south began the beginning of September. The goal was to make it to Seattle, WA and then drive down the coast on Hwy 101, enjoying the sights and some spirited driving on all of the twisty roads. There isn't much to say besides the fact that I had a perma-smile on my face the whole time and I'm sure put a smile on those faces whom I passed! Be advised that driving a car 2000 miles  Below are some of the highlight pictures from the trek.

Space Needle, Seattle, WA

Cannon Beach, OR

Camping along the way on the Oregon coast.

Sand Dunes, Oregon Coast

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

and the final destination Hollywood, CA