Sunday, November 17, 2013

SEMA 2013 - The Engines

One of the highlights of SEMA for us, and I'm sure most all other motorheads, is the simply jaw dropping engines that are on display. From imports, euros, to the ever so clean pro-touring styled domestics there is no shortage of horsepower on display.

First off we have the cleanest engine bay in all of FD, Mr. Wangs 2JZ powered S14.
 This LS setup was in a Hyundai Genesis!
Clean supercharged VQ35 in a wildly clean G35 bay

FX Motorsports time attack NSX turbo setup.
 Interesting way to mock up headers.
 Twin supercharged madness!
 This car was setup with a Liquid Propane Injection system. Made some healthy numbers on the dyno
 Race car engines, dry sumped, twin turbo, engineering at its finest.

 Endless attention to details
 Fox body Mustang with a sweet looking ITB setup
 Bisimoto Engineering Porsche, this car has to sound mean
 There is no shortage of weird random things at SEMA that really make you scratch your head. Rhinestoned out small block Chevy anyone??
 One of my favorites of the show. 55 Buick Special, spot the two snails in the back there!
 Twin Turbo V6 Genesis, pretty crazy setup
 Boosted Honda Odyssey, definitely wouldn't mid rocking this minivan
 Awesome setup on this MK1 Golf, boosted with a Garrett turbo.
 EG Civic Hatch, with a K series swap rocking a huge Garrett Turbo.
To feed 2000hp you better have a serious fuel system. This car had a full billet gas tank with the option to run 116 octane on the fly to make that 2000whp happen!
 New Lexus GS340. That is a brand new Lexus GS with a 3.4L 2JZ swap.
OS Giken, the dream engine right here. S20 with full gear driven timing setup. No belts or chains here. Titanium headers that are purely a work of art, being fed by trio of Mikuni side draft carbs.

 2JZs in everything! FRS with a 2J swap, probably a blast to drive
 Because race car
 New custom car using a Ford crate engine with a couple turbos making upwards of 700whp.
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