Monday, July 4, 2011

Brewed Motorsports S13 KA-T drift car Borg Warner EFR turbo testing and tuning

The modern turbocharger has come a long way in the last 10 years, with new lighter and stronger materials becoming available the performance and efficiency of turbochargers has vastly increased. Materials such as Titanium used in turbine wheels and forged Billet CC’d Aluminum used in the compressor wheels are now becoming the standard. 

At Brewed Motorsports we decided to use our S13 track car to do some testing on one of the hot new Borg Warner EFR turbos, the EFR 6258 to be exact. The new Borg Warner EFR series turbos have taken a large step above and beyond all the competitors.

The EFR turbo charger series utilizes titanium-aluminide turbine wheels. These state of the art turbine wheels are half the weight of the typical inconel turbine wheel found in 99% of all other turbo chargers. The reduction in weight or rotating mass vastly improves low-end response and spool time creating higher boost levels at lower engine speeds greatly reducing lag. The renovation does not stop there, the compressor wheel is forged milled aluminum creating an extremely light and strong CC’d compressor wheel.  Of course Borg Warner’s Extended Tip Technology has also been implemented on the EFR series turbo chargers increasing compressor efficiency even more.  Borg Warner does not stop at the wheels either, the internals have also been redesigned for un matched performance and durability. Dual Row Ceramic Ball bearing w/ M50 races and metal bearing cage can be found at the heart of every EFR turbo. This ensures thousands upon thousands of boosted miles for your project. For those serious racers using anti lag systems these bearings will not fail under the extreme heat and pressure seen in both drag and rally style anti lag systems. 

We decided to use our KA24 powered S13 to do some testing on the Borg Warner EFR 6258. Thanks to the custom Full Race turbo manifold we were easily able to switch out the old worn out Garrett GT turbo for the new EFR 6258.  A simple mod to the downpipe to accept the 3” V band found on the EFR and we were ready for some tuning and then headed to the track for real world testing!
Check out short video for the EFR transformation and quick preparation for the track. Of course stay tuned for our full review as well as a new videos from Fire Bird Race way drifting with the new EFR turbo.

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